Industries and Application areas

Industries and Processes

Explosive metallic dusts from 3D laser printers

ESD and electrical conductivity of devices 

Clean room conditions and laboratory areas

Cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority

Robust equipment for the hardest use – also for asbestos

Easy disposal of textile fibres and fleece

Extraction of smoke during laser marking or edge trim

Maintenance cleaning of production machines

Extraction of soldering and welding fumes

Removal of dust after grinding


EX-protected extraction of polishing and grinding dust

Extraction and separation of swarf and cooling emulsions

Smoke and vapours by laser cutting, marking and engraving

EX-protected extraction of paint and powder dusts

EX-protected extraction in various zones

Hazardous substances and dusts

Hazardous substances and dusts

Water and dirt removal after flooding

Toughest working environment for robust extraction systems

Strong continuous operation with high dust class requirements

EX-protected industrial vacuum cleaners for various zones, e.g. in silos

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