FEX 3000

Smoke extraction system

Process adapted suction system for the extraction of smoke, vapours or airborne particles

Powerful EC-Turbine suitable for continuous operation(24/7), large air volume, stepless airflow control

Modern control technology with display of Device status and error messages, connection for remote ON / OFF control

Reliable filtration due to graduated combi filter system "EX" oder "W3"

Process-adapted suction system for the extraction of smoke, vapours or airborne particles

High quality standards-suitable for three-shift-operation. Comfortable filter change by 2-respective 3- cassette-system, each individually removable. Reliable filtration of airborne particles by the use of an graduated kombi filter system. Activated carbon in the main filter reduces odours in the exhaust air.

For the extraction of laser fumes, welding- and soldering fumes, cutting fume as well as differnt steams and solvents. Ec-Turbine can be used for continuous operation, for the suction of large air volumes to collect airborne particles. Suction with up to two hoses,or suction arm, hose connection at the back, top or the sides.

Modern control technology allows the continuously variable control of the suction power during operation. Easy and comfortable adaption to the individual needs by an intuitive control panel. Clear graphic display and large, multicolour LEDs for a quick overview of the device status, settings or error sources. 

EX-protected according to ATEX for the secure suction in zone 22: Eqipment and parts of the device electrically conductive.

W3-design – IFA certified: including expanded metal filter as spark trap to avoid fire hazard

Included in delivery:
Initial euipment set Filter:

  • Storage filter M5/F9
  • HEPA filter H13/H14
  • Activated carbon-Filter

Further suitable accessories like hoses, suction arm and spare filter can be found in the PDF-Brochure.

Model FEX 3000
Voltage at 50/60 Hz.Volt230 (or 110)
Power outputWatt1.100
Max. air flow free blowing at Turbinem³/h460
Max. air flow in operationm³/h260
Maximum length of suction hosem12 (Ø 50 mm)
Max. negative pressurePa10.000
1. Filter step storage filter M5/F91,4 + 5,0
2. Filter step HEPA filter H13/H145,6
3. Filter step activated carbonkg5,8
Sound pressure leveldB(A)62
Dimensionsmm430 x 400 x 996
Type of protection IP 55
Operation temperature°C5 – 40
Operating humidity (non condensing)%10 – 90%
Quality of stainless steelVA1.4301
EX-protection (electrically conductive)Art-Nr.710-1131
W3-design(welding fumes)Art-Nr.710-1132

This is a selection of possible applications:

Depending on the fineness or hazard of the dust, filters of dust class M or H are required.

Large air volumes recommended for light fumes and vapours, as well as storage filters.

EX-protected industrial vacuum cleaners for suction of explosive substances and dusts.

ESD and electrical conductivity of devices in focus

Clean room conditions and laboratory areas

Cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority

Extraction of smoke during laser marking or edge trim

Extraction of soldering and welding fumes

Removal of dust after grinding


EX-protected extraction of polishing and grinding dust

Smoke and vapours by laser cutting, marking and engraving