Extraction in additive production - SLM

Explosive metal dusts, which have to be sucked off, are produced, for example, by the:

  • Cleaning the installation area of 3D-Laserprinters
  • Removal of Powder Residues
  • Separation of the workpiece from the carrier plate

EVOTEC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are ideally suited for this application. Powerful suction power, highest quality, robust construction and best filter technology guarantee the safe extraction of materials and dusts from these applications.

This model is ideal for suction of finest metal powders:

Power output: 2,2 kW
Voltage: 400 Volt
Container volume: 100 l
Fill level max: 35 l
Dust class H / Type 22 (EX)
Continuous operation
Liquid bath in the dirt container