Liquid bath vacuum cleaner

EP 2122 ECO WB

ECODustPro 15 WB

EP 2122 ECO WB
EP 312-100-WB
ECODustPro 15 WB

Safety vacuum cleaner with wet seperation 400V

Powerful industrial vacuum cleaner with liquid bath separator integrated in the dirt container for the extraction of explosive, deposited metal dusts such as aluminum, copper, titanium, etc.

Through the inert process, the explosive material is passivated by the liquid bath.

Available with electrical drive or via compresssed air.

Full safety equipment - Ideal for the 3D printing industry -Additive Manufacturing: Complies with VDI 3405

Inert process: Liquid bath for the passivation of explosive dusts

Degassing valve

H14 cartridge filter (2m²) and special-VA-filter (1m²)

Technical details safety inert vacuum

ModelECODustPro 15-WBEP 2122 ECO-WBEP 312-100 WB
Drive systemVoltage: 230 VoltVoltage: 400 Volt2 Compressed air ejectors
Engine power: 1.500 WattEngine power: 2.200 WattConsumption: 56 m³/h (at 4 bar flow pressure) Operating pressure: 6-10 bar
Max. air flowm³/h220330300
Negative pressurembar220/240 max.240/300 max.200/280 max.
Filter area VA-Filter1,01,51,5
Filter area “H” (H14)+ 1,7+ 2,0+ 2,0
Dirt container completel50100100
Dirt container Min.-Levell122525
Dirt container Max.-Levell15,53535
Protection classIP 55IP 55
Noise leveldB(A)767676
Vacuum connectionØ mm40 Kamlock connection40 Kamlock connection40 Kamlock connection
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm480x560x1380830x680x1650830x680x1650
VersionArt.-Nr.H/Type 22: 151-3099H/Type 22: 151-3080H/Zone 1,2,21,22: 053-0083

This is a selection of possible applications:

3d Laserdruck
Additive Manufacturing

Explosive metallic dusts from 3D laser printers


Medical technology

Extraction of explosive dusts during SLM



EX-protected industrial vacuum cleaners to extract explosive substances and dusts


Fine dust

Depending on the fineness or hazard of the dust, filters of dust class M or H are require


Funkenflug bei Schleifarbeiten Industrie

Removal of dust after grinding


Diamant schleifen Staub

EX-protected extraction of polishing and grinding dust



Here you can find suitable accessories for safety vacuum cleaners.

Please note that the diameters of the accessories are nominal sizes and symbolise the affiliation between hoses and nozzles, for example.

054-20124 online

Cartridge filter M

Zubehör Evotec Patronenfilter

Cartridge filter H

Industriesauger EVOTEC Zubehör Inertsauger Demister



Spare or exchange container

Maschinen-Reinigungsset, 052-1081, 052-1071

Machine cleaning set

EVOTEC Sauger Zubehör Bürsten, Düsen

Height cleaning set

Industrial floor cleaning set, 052-1031, 052-1036, 052-1041, 052-1051, 052-1061

Industry floor cleaning set

Zubehör Evotec Industriesauger ESD PUR Saugschlauch


Industriesauger Evotec Ablassschlauch

Drain Hose

Zubehör Evotec Sauger Kamlock Kupplung

Camlock coupling


Do you have questions about the accessories or do you need help selecting the options? I will be happy to advise you by phone or email!

Asim Zaman-Pahlke

Sales export

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