EP 2815 / EP 2822

Stationary extraction system - 400 Volt

Powerful central extraction plant with high airflow rate for collection and filtration of dry and hazardous dusts. 

For the extraction of free-flowing, dry dusts and fumes during welding, grinding, polishing as well as airborne particles

High-performance medium-pressure turbine can be used in continuous operation (24/7), large air volume, Frequency Converter (FU) for volume flow control

Large filter cartridges with automatic cleaning for long filter life

PreCoat as filter aid (optional) for complicated dusts

This is a selection of possible applications:

Depending on the fineness or hazard of the dust, filters of dust class M or H are required.

Large air volumes recommended for light fumes and vapours, as well as storage filters.

EX-protected industrial vacuum cleaners for suction of explosive substances and dusts.

Smoke and vapours by laser cutting, marking and engraving

Extraction of smoke during laser marking or edge trim

Removal of dust after grinding


EX-protected extraction of polishing and grinding dust

ESD and electrical conductivity of devices in focus

Clean room conditions and laboratory areas

Cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority

EX-protected extraction of paint and powder dusts

EX-protected extraction in various zones

Hazardous substances and dusts