FEX 5000

Smoke extraction system - 400 volts

Process adapted suction system for the extraction of smoke, vapours or airborne particles

Continuous-running turbine (24/7) with large air volume

Reliable filtration due to graded combination filter system, individually removable filter cassettes

Optional: Connection for on / off remote control

Optional: Frequency converter with stepless volume flow control as well as device status and error messages

This is a selection of possible applications:

Depending on the fineness or hazard of the dust, filters of dust class M or H are required.

Large air volumes recommended for light fumes and vapours, as well as storage filters.

EX-protected industrial vacuum cleaners for suction of explosive substances and dusts.

ESD and electrical conductivity of devices in focus

Clean room conditions and laboratory areas

Cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority

Removal of dust after grinding


EX-protected extraction of polishing and grinding dust

Smoke and vapours by laser cutting, marking and engraving


Here you can find suitable accessories for FEX 5000

Filtration technology

FEX 5000: 2 stage combination filtration system. 2-stufiges Kombi-Filtersystem. Independently interchangeable filters.

HEPA filter combined with  adsorption filter activated carbon. Filter mats or expanded metal filters can be additionally inserted in filter cassettes with free internal height. (See product details)

Schwebstofffilter Kassette

HEPA filter in MDF-frame

Schwebstofffilter Metall rahmen 074-20105

HEPA filter in metal frame

Speicherfilter Fächerformat mdf-Rahmen 074-20107

Storage filter in fan format

Adsorptionsfilter AK Fächerformat 074-20108

Adsorption filter activated carbon in fan format

Adsorptionsfilter AK schmahl 074-2011970

Adsorption filter activated carbon filling

G4 Vliesmatte

G4 fleece mat

Adsorptionsfilter AK metall-Rahmen 07420117-40

Adsorption filter activated carbon filling

Accessories and options

DDMU 054-60486

DDMU differential pressure transducer


Spark traps


Exhaust air or vacuum hoses

Abluftanschluss fex5000 053-3098

Vacuum or exhaust air connection


Vacuum arms

no picture

Acid protection coating

Fern ein-aus ueber kabel

Remote ON/OFF via cable (FSK)


Multipole plug connection


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