Accessories and options Industrial vacuum cleaner

Accessories and options


Various disposal bags for the dust-free disposal of all substances and dusts of dust classes M and H. Conductive, antistatic, ESD suitable. Easy to use. Highly stable and “nail tested”


Plastic disposal bag

Longopack-1 slider


Bypass-01 slider

By-Pass System


Disposal used with compression vacuum

Filtration technology

Best filtration properties – so that what should stay in the vacuum stays in. Dust class M = 0.1 % max. permeability. Dust class H = 0.005 max. permeability. Various versions for the most diverse areas of application. Non-stick properties. Heat resistant.

PUR membrane, 054-20085B, 054-20086B, 054-20087B, 054-20088




PUR membrane antistatic, 054-20127, 054-20128, 054-20129, 054-20130

PUR-Membrane antistatic

Absolute cartridge filter H14, 054-20027

Absolut cartridge filter dust class H


Filter wet- and chip vacuums

054-20124 online

Filter for liquid bath safety vacuums

Tuchfilter-Beutel online

Filter compression vacuums


Cartridge filter system atmospheric pressure cleaning


Jet cartridge filter cleaning

Atmosphärische Puls-Abreinigung

Filter cleaning

Speicherfilter Fächerformat mdf-Rahmen 074-20107

Filters for stationary extraction systems

Aktivkohlemodul EPS

Activated carbon filter module


For pre-separation of solids or liquids, various sizes. Protects the filters of the extraction system or for extraction of large quantities of material. Float system (optional). Drain hose for easy disposal of liquids. 

Longopac Vorabscheider

Pre-separator LP


Filter pre-separator

Vorabscheider 100 Liter

Pre-separator 100 l

Nass-Vorabscheider 053-1070

Wet pre-separator 140 l


Barrel pre-separator 210 l

Kippbehälter 500ltr, 053-2010

Tipping cotainer pre-separator 500 l

Klappboden-Container 053-2020

Container with hinged floor 1000 l

BigBag Silo Vorabscheider 053-2050

Big bag silo pre-separator

Spark traps

Prevent sparks from being vacuumed into the device.
The sparks bounce against copper sheet or metal cord insert and are extinguished. Removable viewing plate. Easy cleaning. With metal cord insert or copper sheets.


Spark trap


Spark trap with knitted metal inlay

Control options

For optimising the use of the extraction system, e.g. increasing economic efficiency, saving energy costs. Speed regulation. Remote control via radio and cable. Atmospheric pressure cleaning. Fill level monitoring. Protection switch.

Vacon FU

Frequency inverter

Fern Ein-aus ueber funk

Remote ON/ OFF

no picture

Soft start up

Liquid level contro l- 053-3040

Level control


PRCDS personal protection switch for 230 V devices

Accessory sets

High-quality components ideally suited for robust use in industry and commerce. Ideal combinations for the various kinds of application. EX-protected design ideal for zone 22.

Please note that the diameters of the accessories are nominal sizes and symbolise the affiliation between hoses and nozzles, for example.

Industrial floor cleaning set, 052-1031, 052-1036, 052-1041, 052-1051, 052-1061

Industry floor cleaning set

Maschinen-Reinigungsset, 052-1081, 052-1071

Machine cleaning set

höhenreinigungsset 052-1100

Height cleaning set

Hand tube set for cleaning at altitude, 052-0113, 052-0216

Hand pipes

Alu-Bodendüse 052-0121

Metal floor nozzles

Crevice nozzle, metal , 052-0109, 052-0108, 052-0107, 052-0218, 052-0219

Metal scoring nozzles

Schrägrohrdüse Metall, 052-0110, 052-0217

Inclined tube nozzle

Gummi-Ritzendüse, 052-0150, 052-0203

Scoring and pointed rubber nozzle

Gummidüse flach, 052-0126, 052-0223

Flat rubber nozzle

Inclined tube rubber nozzle, 052-0125, 052-0222, 052-0303

Inclined tube rubber nozzle

PP-Rundbrüstenpinsel, 052-0103, 052-0205

Round rubber brush

PP-Ritzendüse, 052-0201

Plastic scoring nozzle

Rohrbogendüse, 052-0122, 052-0123

Plastic pipe bend nozzle

PP-Rundpinseldüse, 052-0005, 052-0102, 052-0204

Plastic round brush

Wall and floor nozzle, 052-0031, 052-0006, 052-0114, 052-0115

Plastic wall and floor nozzle


Various hoses ideally suited for industrial use. Wide range for different applications. Superflex: Thread-reinforced and spiral-supported, light and flexible. PUR: Oil and heat resistant. ESD: completely electrically conductive. Metal: Metal tapes with sealing threads. Flexible, axial mobility, torsional stability, heat-resistant up to 400 °C, only suitable for dry dusts.

Please note that the diameters of the accessories are nominal sizes and symbolise the affiliation between hoses and nozzles, for example.

Saugschlauch laufender meter 052-0130


superflex schlauch 052-0133


PUR-Schlauch 052-0136


ESD_PUR schlauch 052-0200


Metal-suction hose 052-0186, 052-0271, 052-0187, 052-0272



Accessories for pump vacuums

Y-Verteiler- universell einsetzbar, 052-0178, 052-0268

Y-Distributor universally applicable

Y-Verteiler VA-Universell, 052-0282, 052-0283

Y-Distributor VA

Schlauchmuffe Saugseite Metall

Plug-in hose connector


Camlock coupling


Drain Hose


Hose for wet and chip vacuums


Exhaust air hose

Extraction arms

Extraction arms enable precise extraction directly at the point of origin. Easy to handle and position due to self-supporting construction with three stable joints. Available in various versions: Aluminium with polypropylene joints or as ESD/ATEX version for ESD areas (electrostatic discharge, certified according to IEC 61340-5-1).

Absaugarm Tischmontage

Standard extraction arms


ESD extraction arms

Universelle konsole, 053-3051, 053-3061

Universal attachment


Assembly on a wall, ceiling or table

Flat hood ESD, 072-0414, 072-0415

Hoods/ nozzles/ accessories


Standing extraction arms


Hanging extraction arms


Do you have questions about the accessories or do you need help selecting the options? I will be happy to advise you by phone or email!

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