Accessories and options

Plastic disposal bags

Diverse disposal bags for the dust-free disposal of all substances and dusts of dust classes M and H.

Conductive, antistatic, ESD suitable

Easy to use

Highly stable and "nail tested"


For pre-separation of solids or liquids, various sizes

Protects the filters of the suction or to absorb large quantities of suction material

Float system (optional)

Drain hose for easy disposal of liquids

Spark trap

Prevents the suction of sparks into the vacuum cleaner. Due to the air redirection, the sparks bounce against the copper plates and expire. Via the detachable faceplate the trap can be cleaned.

Removable faceplate

Easy cleaning

With metal knit insert or copper sheets

Control options

For optimizing the work of the extraction system, e.g. economic efficiency increase, saving on energy costs

Speed regulation

Remote control via radio and cable

Atmospheric pressure cleaning

Accessory sets

High-quality components ideally suited for robust use in industry and commerce.

Ideal compilations for the individual application areas

EX-protected design ideal for zone 22

Said Ø specifications refer to the hose inside diameter


Various hoses ideally suited for industrial use. Varied selection for different applications.

Superflex: thread-reinforced and spiral-supported, light and flexible

PUR: oil and heat resistant

ESD: completely electrically conductive