EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH


  • 1985 
    Horst Blankenburg started trading in wet/dry vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners as a sole proprietor “Blankenburg cleaning machines” in Sinzig-Westum in his private home
  • 1991
    New construction of the first warehouse including office in the Industrial Park Remagen, Dieselstraße 10a
  • 1997 
    Transfer of the Management to Volker Blankenburg
  • 2001 
    Transformation of the sole proprietorship into EVO-PRODUCTS Blankenburg GmbH and
    Relocation to the new premises at Dieselstraße 3 in the Remagen Industrial Estate
  • 2006
    Development and Production of the mobile EVOTEC high-performance Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • 2008
    Expansion of the Production and Warehouse area
  • 2011
    Innovation Award from the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • 2012
    Start of Production of the Stationary Extraction Technology
  • 2015
    Expansion of the Office area
  • 2018
    Construction of an additional Production and Warehouse hall
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