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Vacuum Cleaners for industrial use and Central Extraction systems EVOTEC

Whether industrial or commercial – almost every industry produces smoke, dust or dirt.
As one of the leading manufacturers of professional extraction technology, we provide you with customised solutions for any application: EX-protected extraction in areas with special safety requirements, extraction during metal processing, smoke extraction for laser marking, for example, or extraction during the SLM process.

Ideal for the extraction and cleaning of machines, workplaces and floors.

  • High performance industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Liquid bath vacuum cleaner for SLM (additive manufacturing)
  • EPS SuperSilent vacuum cleaner (super-silent vacuum cleaner)
  • Wet and Pump Vacuum Cleaner
  • Chip and emulsion Vacuum Cleaner
  • Compressed air Vacuum Cleaners
  • Compression Vacuum Cleaners
  • Accessories and options

Process adaptable systems for the extraction of smoke, vapors and suspended dust

  • Mobile smoke extraction
  • Compact systems
  • Storage filter devices
  • Cartridge filter devices
  • Central extraction systems
  • Disposal
  • Filter technology
  • Pre-separators
  • Spark traps
  • Control devices
  • Accessory-Sets/ Nozzles and hand pipes
  • Hoses and hose sleeves
  • Vacuum arms

EVO Clean
Wet and dry vacuum cleaners and cleaning trolleys and accessories

High-quality, durable and environmentally friendly material – modular systems for many applications.

Ideal for maintenance cleaning in trade, commerce and industry – robust for a variety of uses.

  • BASIC Line (plastic)
  • INOX Line (stainless steel)
  • Pump vacuum cleaner
  • Accessories and options

Optimally matched accessories for EVOClean wet and dry vacuum cleaners. perfect fit, robust, resistant and durable.

  • Nozzles
  • Handpipes
  • Hoses
  • Filters

Perfect for wet wipe cleaning, hygienic and sturdy – just in case if suction alone is not enough.

  • Single and double bucket
  • Cleaning trolley
  • Waste collectors
  • Mops, folding holders and working handles
  • Window cleaning
  • Broom, squeegee, and much more.

EVO product overview as a download

For the removal of everything from nano particles to coarse dirt, we offer a wide range of products in the highest quality. You can also find the complete overview in our catalogues – easy and free to download.