Sustainability = Responsibility

We take responsibility for the consequences of our entrepreneurial activities.

We promote economic growth through our activities. We accept the obligations that arise for a company beyond these economic achievements.

Compliance with the ethical principles of the Code of Conduct is a matter of course for us. In this way we contribute to sustainable social development, as we are committed not only to the people in our immediate environment but also to society in general.

We maintain and protect our environment continuously through the environmentally conscious use of all methods and materials necessary for the work process. Because the environment must be preserved as the basis of existence for future generations.

Our goal is to live these values in our corporate culture and thus ensure the competitiveness and future viability of the company in the long term.

Our responsibility therefore does not end at the Hall Gate. We expect from our cooperation partners to act in an equally moral and conscientious manner.

In the interests of our customers, the state and Investors – and last but not least our employees – we are obliged to operate the company economically. We would like to meet these demands by:
  • constantly monitor our high quality standards internally and prove this with certification according to ISO 9001:2015
  • deliver consistently high quality products
  •  ensure short throughput times by ensuring a continuous material flow
  • constantly develop ourselves and our products in order to enable progress and remain adaptable
  •  always up to date with the latest technology.
  •  put safety tested on the quality seal “GS” and “Made in Germany”
We are responsible for the well-being of the people who invest their work, ideas or money in our company, as well as for society in general. We would like to live up to this responsibility by:
  • to ensure a cooperative working atmosphere and a compatible co-existence in everyday working life
  • spare the staff long journeys and recruit employees from the surrounding areas – this ensures more satisfaction and also protects the environment
  • provide ergonomically designed workstations to minimize safety and health risks
  • enabling flexible and family-friendly working hours (e.g. through flexitime)
  • offer young people the opportunity of a sound vocational training and thus the foundation for a secure future
  • give our employees the opportunity to develop themselves throughout their lives through training and further education
  • to be fair, equal and non-discriminatory in recruitment and employment
  • carefully select our suppliers according to ethical criteria: no child or forced labour, no additional purchases of products manufactured under questionable or inhumane conditions.
  • use the Caritas workshops to show respect and recognition to people with mental and physical disabilities that they deserve.
  • always happy to celebrate and laugh together
We are responsible for our environment and nature. We feel obliged to use raw materials and resources in an environmentally friendly and economical way. We would like to fulfil this obligation by:
  • provide the shortest possible distances for employees and suppliers and prefer cooperation partners from the region.
  • use high-quality and durable materials for our products – low wear means conservation of resources
  • use recyclable materials
  • use solar energy with a photovoltaic system to reduce our electricity consumption.
  • offer our intermediaries direct delivery to the end customer in order to avoid transport routes to intermediate warehouses.
  • increased digital availability of advertising and information material
  • repair instead of replace if possible