EP 2330 / EP 2340

Compression sucker 400V

Powerful industrial vacuum cleaner ideal for the extraction of compressible substances and dusts

Strong suction power promotes optimal compression of the material to be absorbed

Sight glass for level monitoring

Reusable cloth filter bag in which the compressed material is collected

Complete safety related equipment

Powerful industrial vacuum cleaner ideal for the extraction of compressible substances and dusts

High quality standards – well-designed, silenced and maintenance-free turbine (side channel blower) as vacuum generator. Suitable for three-shift-operation.

Textile industry: Suction of yarns and fibers at textile machines
Packaging Industry: Packaging  remains and empty packages
Paper industry: Edge strips and cutting dust

These vacuum cleaners achieve a greater storage capacity toward conventional vacuum cleaners through compression.

By the airflow of the aspiration, the material is sucked into filter bag. Inside, the material is compressed by the high negative pressure. Afterwards, the compressed material can be easily disposed or recycled.

Equipped with an intake bend with Kamlock coupling for a secure connection of the suction hose.

Length of the connection cable : 8 m

Included in delivery: 3,5 m suction hose Ø 50 mm and crevice nozzle

Further suitable accessories and options can be found in the PDF Brochure.

Model EP 2330EP 2340
Power outputWatt3.0004.000
Max. airflow ratem³/h330330
Max. negative pressurembar340360
Filter surface1,31,3
Dirt containerltr.145145
Capacity of filter bagltr.100100
Noise leveldB(A)7376
Suction connectionØ mmKamlock – 50Kamlock – 50
Dust class MArt.-Nr.251-2040251-2050

This is a selection of possible applications:

Compression vacuum cleaners compress the extracted material and thus increase the extraction volume.

Easy disposal of textile fibres and fleece

Extraction of smoke during laser marking or edge trim