EP 2830 / EP 2855 / EP 2875 / EP 28110

EP 2830 / EP 2855
EP 2875 / EP 28110

Stationary extraction system - 400 Volt

Powerful central extraction plant with high airflow rate for collection and filtration of dry and hazardous dusts. 

Very high vacuum power, suitable for pipe systems, with different openings for connection

Frequency converter for automatic volumetric flow control, fully-equipped safety features

Remote on/off possible with a practical handheld

Monitoring of dirt container level, including comfortable lowering for disposal

Technical details EP 2830-28110

ModelEP 2830-40EP 2830-64EP 2855EP 2875EP 28110-76
Engine powerWatt3.0003.0005.5007.50011.000
Voltage at 50/60 Hz.Volt400400400400400
Motor currentAmp5,35,310,413,419,3
Max. air flow free blowing at turbine approx. *)m³/h3.8303.8306.2007.2009.000
Max. negative pressurePa3.9003.9004.5006.1006.000
Air flow in operating condition approx. *)m³/h3.3003.5005.5006.3007.900
Negative pressure in operating condition approx. *)Pa3.8003.8004.2005.0006.000
Flushing gas tankl2×102×102×102×102×10
Filterarea dust class “M”4×10=404×16=644×16=644×16=644×19=76
Dirt containerl60 (optional 100)60 (optional 100)60 (optional 100)60 (optional 100)100
Protection classIP 54 (if exhaust air is connected)IP 54 (if exhaust air is connected)IP 54 (if exhaust air is connected)IP 54 (if exhaust air is connected)IP 54 (if exhaust air is connected)
Noise level at 50 Hz.dB(A)6868707274
Vacuum inlet and/ or exhaust air connectionmmØ 250 mm – various inlets optionalØ 250 mm – various inlets optionalØ 250 mm – various inlets optionalØ 250 mm – various inlets optionalØ 400 mm
Dimensions LxWxH **)mm980x1020x2850980x1020x3250980x1020x3250980x1020x32501420x1020x3600
Weight **)kg480485520540600
Operating temperature°C5-355-355-355-355-35
Operating humidity%10-70 (non condensing)10-70 (non condensing)10-70 (non condensing)10-70 (non condensing)10-70 (non condensing)
Standard versionItem No.251-4220251-4221251-4240251-4250251-4261
Upgrade EX protection according to ATEX zone 22Item No.054-8042054-8042054-8042054-8042054-8042
Upgrade ESD version electrostatically conductiveItem No.054-8044/strong>054-8044/strong>054-8044/strong>054-8044/strong>054-8044/strong>
Upgrade 100-l dirt containerItem No.053-1095053-1095053-1095053-1095
Upgrade two parted versionItem No.054-7313054-7313054-7313054-7313
Upgrade Dust class “H” filter area 20 m²Item No.054-7330054-7330054-7330
*) Operating data including standard filter equipment in factory condition without further options such as spark trap, pipeline or H-Upgrade, etc.. The operating point varies due to the power setting and pipe design (Ø, length) as well as measurement at the suction point.
**) With regard to the standard version, varying according to equipment

This is a selection of possible applications:

Funkenflug bei Schleifarbeiten Industrie

Removal of dust after grinding.


Laser schneider
Laser processing

Smoke and vapours by laser cutting, marking and engraving.



Extraction of soldering and welding fumes.


Diamant schleifen Staub

EX-protected extraction of polishing and grinding dust.



Ex-protected industrial vacuum cleaners for suction of explosive substances and dusts.



The decisive factors are ESD and conductivity.


Pharmaceuticals/ Chemicals/ Medial Industry

Clean room conditions and laboratory areas.


Kakaopulver und Schokolade

Cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority.



Extraction of smoke during laser marking or edge trim


Fine dust

Depending in the fineness or hazard of the dust, filters of dust class M or H are required.


Smoke / Vapours

Large air volumes recommended for light fumes and vapours, as well as storage filters.



Hazardous substances and dusts



Here you can find suitable accessories for EP 2830 –  EP 28110

Filtration technology

EP 2830/ EP 2855/ EP 2875/ 28110: 

Four cartridge filters dust class M according to DIN EN 60335-2-69
4 cartridges each 10 m² (40 m² total filter area) / each 16 m² (64 m² total filter area) or each 19 m² (76 m² total filter area)

EP2830- 2855 Upgrade dust class H: HEPA-filter cassette H13
20 m² filter area

Patronenfilter Evotec Zubehör Absauganlage Industrie

Filter unit of 4 cartridges

Schwebstofffilter Kassette

Filter cassette - dust class H

Kein Bild verfügbar

Upgrade activated carbon

Accessories and options

Schmutzbehälter Zubehör Absauganlage

Spare or replace container

Rundbeutel für Schmutzbehälter Absauganlage

Plastic disposal bag

Rüttelmotor Zubehör Absauganlage

Vibratory motor for filter cleaning

Zubehör Evotec

Extension electric box

Zubehör Absauganlage

10-pole or 16-pole plug connection

Zubehör Evotec Fern Ein/Aus über Funk

Remote ON/OFF via radio

PreCoat EP Uebersicht

PreCoat dosing unit

Große Funkenfalle für Absauganlage Evotec

Spark traps

Kein Bild verfügbar

Control of exhaust air shut-off damper

Zubehör Evotec Saugschlauch Absaugung Industrie

Exhaust air or vacuum hoses


Do you have questions about the accessories or do you need help selecting the options? I will be happy to advise you by phone or email!

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