Extraction after floods

After pumping, the suction comes.
The main problem after heavy rain and flooding is not the water, but the sludge and dirt that has been washed up. This “dirt” can cause the following dangers:

  • It is possible that wastewater contaminated with faeces is involved, which can lead to contamination with pathogens. The health risk is therefore in sludge and dirt.
  • When the water goes, the sludge becomes as hard as a layer of concrete and can only be removed with enormous effort.

In order to prevent these dangers, the cleaning/suction must be started immediately.

Professional extraction technology from EVO-PRODUCTS is ideally suited for this application. Powerful suction power, highest quality, robust construction and best filter technology guarantee the safe extraction of materials and dusts from these applications.

These models are useful for cleaning after flooding or heavy rain:

Wet vacuum cleaner with pump
tipping chassis
Power: 2 motors plus pump
Voltage: 230 Volt
Container: 85 litres

Power output: 2,4 kW
Voltage: 230 Volt
Container: 120 litres
Pump power: 900 W

Power output: 3,6 kW
Voltage: 230 Volt
Container: 120 litres
Dust class: L

PRCDS- 143-1010

personal protection switch

Recommended option:
Reliable personal protection against dangerous electric shocks. Fault currents are detected in fractions of a second and the power supply is interrupted. With function display and test circuit.
Safety: tested according to VDE 0661
Item no. 143-1010