Accessories for EVOClean wet / dry vacuum cleaner

Optimally matched accessories for EVOClean wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Perfect fit, robust, resistant and durable.
For any application inserts the right accessories.

Accessory sets

High-quality components ideally suited for robust use in industry and commerce.

Ideal compilations for the individual application areas

Perfect for all models

Said Ø specifications refer to the hose inner diameter


Robust and resistant in various designs, universally suitable for all hose types


Steel chromed or sturdy plastic

Perfectly suitable for all evoclean models

Length is expandable by attaching further hand tube pieces


Various hoses ideally suited for industrial use. Varied selection for different uses

Superflex: thread-reinforced and spiral-supported, light and flexible

PUR: oil and heat resistant

PP: Hose material from polypropylene

Plastic nozzle

High-quality plastic nozzles as a supplement to the respective sets.

Various sizes and designs

Can be used for a wide variety of applications

Robust and high quality

Rubber nozzle

Ideal for machine cleaning. The high-quality rubber design avoids damage or scratches

Robust and durable rubber design

Antistatic, therefore ideal for protected use in Zone 22

With neck tube for optimal connection to the hose

Metal nozzle

High-quality metal nozzles in various designs – ideal for hard use

Electrically dissipative and therefore antistatic

Durable and robust

Various sizes and designs

Filter bag and microfilter cartridges

Ideal for the easy and dust-free disposal of the material

Fleece filter bag: very hard-wearing

Paper filter: double-layered

Microfilter cartridge: as a further filter stage for keeping the exhaust air clean

Pre-separator garbage bag option

For pre-separation of solids or liquids

Protects the filters of the suction or to absorb large quantities of suction material

Float system (optional)

Drain hose for easy disposal of liquids (optional)

For chips and oily

Options for sucking chips or oily liquids

Ideally suited for the separate disposal of chips and liquids

Allows absorption of oily liquids

Simultaneous absorption of dust and water without modifications