EP 2122 / EP2130
EP 2140 ECO / EP 2155 ECO

Dry vacuum cleaner - 400 Volt

Robust industrial vacuum cleaner for sucking up all dry dust particles- from coarse dirt to fine dust (μm)

Side channel blower for permanent operation and EX- protection Type22

Also available with Longopac-disposal-system

Complete safety related equipment

All parts coming in contact with the product are made of stainless steel (1.4301)

Robust industrial vacuum cleaner for sucking up all dry dust particles- from coarse dirt to fine dust (μm)

High quality standards- well designed, silenced and maintenance -free turbine (side channel blower) as vacuum generator. Suitable for three-shift-operation.

Cyclone separator for better pre-separting of fine dust particle and coarse matter. Effective, easy to use filter cleaning for long operating intervals without interruption. Vacuum gaugefor filter monitoring.

1st level filter: Durable polyester needle-felt filter with PUR-membrane, dust class M, high filter effect for long durability.
2nd level filter: “Absolut”- cartridge filter dust class H (H14).

Patented, tool less filter change with low contamination risk. Phase direction monitor and vacuum limit valve for the faultless use of the device. 

Fast coupling with locking mechanism and rotating device for a secure connection of the suction hose.

Length of the connection cable: 8 m

On request with Longopac Disposal System: “Endless” plastic bag for easy and contamination-free disposal of the suction material

EP 2122 and EP 2130 available with GS certificate, EP 2140 ECO and EP 2155 ECO available with DGUV certificate.

Length of the connection cable: 8 m

Included in delivery: 3,5 m Suction hose Ø 50 mm and crevice nozzle.

Further suitable accessories and options can be found in the PDF-Brochure.

Model EP 2122EP 2130EP 2140 ECOEP 2155 ECO
Power outputWatt2.2003.0004.0005.500
Max. airflow ratem³/h330330410500
Max. negative pressurembar240 / 300 max.260 / 340 max.240 / 300 max.260 / 320 max.
Filter surface „M“2,2 oder 3,22,2 oder 3,23,23,2
Filter surface„H“ (H14)224,34,3
Dirt containerltr.60606060
Type of protection IP 55IP 55IP 55IP 55
Noise leveldB(A)70707676
Suction connectionØ mm80808080
Dust class MArt.-Nr.251-1040251-1050251-1060251-1070
Dust class M/Typ22 (EX)
Dust class HArt.-Nr.251-1042251-1052251-1062251-1072
Dust class H/Typ22 (EX)

This is a selection of possible applications:

EX-protected industrial vacuum cleaners for suction of explosive substances and dusts.

For coarse dirt and heavy materials, a high negative pressure is decisive for the extraction performance.

Depending on the fineness or hazard of the dust, filters of dust class M or H are required.

Abrasive dusts have special requirements for filters.

Robust accessories and separation of chips and liquids are very helpful.

A pump suction unit can be helpful for the extraction of large quantities of water.

Optional: electronic level control enables dry vacuum cleaners to absorb liquids

Cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority

Clean room conditions and laboratory areas

Removal of dust after grinding


EX-protected extraction of polishing and grinding dust

Extraction and separation of swarf and cooling emulsions

EX-protected extraction of paint and powder dusts

EX-protected extraction in various zones

Hazardous substances and dusts

Maintenance cleaning of production machines

Hazardous substances and dusts

Toughest working environment for robust exhaust systems

Strong continuous operation with high dust class requirements

EX-protected suction cleaners for various zones, e.g. in silos