Quality and environmental protection

Certification of our environmental management and recertification of our quality management

As a manufacturer of extraction technology, we have set ourselves the goal of ensuring clean air in production facilities. The environment and people’s health are therefore particularly important to us. Consequently, we want to continuously and constantly improve our own impact. In addition to our existing and recertified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, we are proud to have also introduced our own environmental management system this year, which has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015. This is the only way we can sustainably highlight what is already going well and which aspects still need to be optimised.

About the environmental management standard

The internationally acknowledged DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 standard is dedicated to the implementation of environmental protection under economic conditions. It essentially consists of planning a company’s environmental objectives and implementing and monitoring defined measures.

We are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment. We therefore see it as our duty to minimise these effects within the scope of our economic and technical possibilities and by means of suitable measures. As part of our environmental management programme, we have made ourselves aware of exactly which environmental aspects our business activities have an impact on. These are, for example, emissions caused by our energy consumption. As a concrete measure, we have set a heating limit temperature, implemented insulation measures and replaced outdated lighting with LEDs. We also want to operate in a way that conserves resources. For this reason, we have introduced a hazardous materials management system. This helps us to use substances such as stainless steel cleaners as efficiently as possible. The implementation and success of all the measures we have defined this year are now continuously measured and evaluated using indicators so that we can always readjust our efforts.

Holistic environmental protection must be considered across the entire product life cycle

At EVO-PRODUCTS, we want to take a holistic and economical approach to environmental protection. As a family business, it is particularly important to us to leave behind not only a well-run business but also an intact natural environment for future generations. In order to harmonise ecology and economy, we want to go beyond the fulfilment of legal and official regulations: We incorporate environmental protection right from the very first steps of our production – In product development, production planning and later in the efficient manufacture of our EVOTEC appliances. Out of sight out of mind? No! Even after our industrial vacuum cleaners and extraction systems have left Remagen, we think about the environment. Our top priority is the longevity of our products, which we pursue through well thought-out design. We use a high proportion of high-quality, recyclable stainless steel to ensure that our industrial vacuum cleaners are durable and have a low environmental impact even after many years of use.

Environmental protection in the company is not just an aspect of development and production. Every employee is integrated into our environmental management system and has a duty to work towards eliminating environmentally harmful circumstances. We promote sustainable behaviour throughout the EVO-PRODUCTS team and outside our company by providing information and training.

Last but not least, the spirit of innovation drives us forward and completes our sustainability efforts. By constantly rethinking products and solutions, we not only ensure that our customers are satisfied, we also improve our environmental impact through optimised production conditions. Quality and environmental endeavours therefore complement each other in our corporate policy. This year, our quality management system was once again recertified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. We are very pleased about this and it confirms our high standards of product and process quality.

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