Disposing of vacuumed material – with low contamination thanks to Longopac

How do you empty the industrial vacuum cleaner without spilling anything?

Industrial vacuum cleaners have to withstand a lot: Dust, dirt, continuous use. It goes without saying that the EVOTECS need strength for this and are designed to be correspondingly robust. What must not be forgotten is that the associated equipment must be able to keep up. Unfortunately, if you cut corners here, you also cut corners when it comes to operational safety and employee health. That’s why only quality accessories are used in our quality industrial vacuum cleaners, such as the original Longopac® disposal system in our LP models.

Our mission is to create safe and clean working environments. This starts with extraction and extends to the disposal of the vacuumed material. The worst-case scenario when using an industrial vacuum cleaner is that the vacuumed dust and dirt contaminates the environment when it is removed. A NO-GO, especially when working under cleanroom conditions or with harmful substances! Our industrial vacuum cleaners with the suffix “LP” in the product name can prevent this. By using a Longopac® endless hose system on the vacuum cleaner, the dust or bulk material is discharged with minimal contamination.

How does it work?

Verwendung Longopac Endlosbeutel bei EVOTEC Industriesauger

Initial situation

The endless hose is attached to the discharge opening of the vacuum cleaner and sealed at the bottom with cable ties. This creates a disposal bag.

Verwendung Longopac Endlosbeutel bei EVOTEC Industriesauger


This unit can be filled with material. You can tighten the hose as required.

Verwendung Longopac Endlosbeutel bei EVOTEC Industriesauger

Longopac Endless bag system

Verwendung Longopac Endlosbeutel bei EVOTEC Industriesauger

Seal unit

Once you have finished, seal the top of the hose with two cable ties.

Low contamination disposal

You can now separate and dispose of the filled bag with minimal contamination. The new bag is ready for immediate use.

The advantages of a Longopac® disposal system at a glance:

Clean working environment: The release of dust particles into the air is minimised and the working environment remains clean. This is particularly important in food processing or the pharmaceutical industry, for example.

Fewer health risks: Minimised dust emissions in the air mean better air quality in reverse. This protects your employees from respiratory illnesses or allergic reactions. A must-have in industries with harmful dusts.

Quick and easy bag change: You save valuable time.

We only work with high-quality accessories, which is why we have opted for the original Longopac®. The important thing with a plastic bag is how sturdy and tear-resistant it is. This is the only way to safely dispose of heavy materials and dust. The Longopacs® are also available in ESD quality, which allows the LP industrial vacuum cleaners to be used in ESD protection zones.

The following EVOTEC industrial vacuum cleaners and extraction systems are available in the Longopac version:

Industrial vacuum Evotec Asbestos vacuuming with longopac
ECODustPro 24 Asbestos

Engine power: 2,4 kW
Negative pressure: 210 mbar
Airflow: 330 m³/h


Evotec Industriesauger Trockensauger 1136
EP 1136 LP

Engine power: 3,6 kW
Negative pressure: 210 mbar
Airflow: 210 m³/h


EPS SuperSilent LP

Engine power: 1,5/2,2/3,0/4,0 kW
Negative pressure: 200 – 340 mbar
Airflow: 2220 – 410 m³/h



Engine power: 1,5-7,5 kW
Negative pressure: 200-340 mbar
Airflow: 220-700 m³/h


Rauchabsaugung, Staubabsaugung Evotec mit Longopac
FEX 4000 LP

Engine power: 2,2 kW
Voltage: 230 oder 400 Volt
Airflow: 1.000 m³/h


EP 27 LP

Engine power: 1,1 – 3,3 kW
Voltage: 230 or 400 Volt
Airflow: 450 – 1.360 m³/h


Entstauber für die Industrie, Absaugung gesundheitsschädlicher Stoffe
FEX 6000

Engine power: 2,2 – 3,3 kW
Voltage: 230 or 400 Volt
Airflow: 440 – 1.480 m³/h


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