EP 1236-140 / EP 1236-100

EP 1236-100

EP 1236-140

EP 1236-100
EP 1236-140

Chip- liquid vacuum cleaner 230V

Powerful industrial vacuum cleaner for chip extraction

Strong vacuum power - Engine head with individually selectable engines

Version SENSOR: Electronic level control with automatic shutdown of the naturally aspirated engines

EP 1236-100: lowerable 100 l dirt container

EP 1236-140: tiltable 140 l dirt container

This is a selection of possible applications:


A pump suction unit can be helpful for the extraction of large quantities of water.


Oily liquids

Ideal are devices with oil-resistant accessories, such as hoses, filters and seals.


Metal cuttings

Robust accessories and separation of chips and liquids are very helpful.


Metal working

Extraction and separation of swarf and cooling emulsions


Accessories and options

Here you can find suitable accessories for chip-liquid vacuum cleaners.

Please note that the diameters of the accessories are nominal sizes and symbolise the affiliation between hoses and nozzles, for example.

Maschinen-Reinigungsset, 052-1081, 052-1071

Machine cleaning set

Industrial floor cleaning set, 052-1031, 052-1036, 052-1041, 052-1051, 052-1061

Industry floor cleaning set


Chip basket


PUR vacuum hose


Drain hose

Patronenfilter für Spänesauger, 054-10059

Cartridge filter


Do you have questions about the accessories or do you need help selecting the options? I will be happy to advise you by phone or email!

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