Accessories and Options

EVO-Clean Accessories and options

Plastic holder

for pocket and flap mops

Robust, versatile folding holders for many different applications.
Optimal cleaning result due to full-surface support and good sliding properties – without heavy force.

Robust plastic design, stable stem joint, functional kick button.

Comfortable clamping of the mop without bending

Plastic holders for flap mops:
Washing without hand contact

Work handles

Suitable for all holders with universal screw connection – various materials available depending on the application All robust and indestructible.

Aluminum handle: fine anodized

Chrome handle: extremely robust, 2-piece

GRP handle: extremely robust, warm and pleasant to the touch

Cotton mops

Ideal for basic and maintenance cleaning of smooth, water-resistant floors, e.g. Stone floors, hard and elastic floors.

Covers in high quality. Inside sling and outside fringes. Equipped with pockets and tabs – universally suitable for many folding holders.

Best cotton quality, tufted cotton mop

Best gliding properties

Strong durability with very high water and dirt absorption.

Microfibre mops

Finest microfiber plush quality with a fixed back cover sheet for optimum floor support.

Ideal for basic and maintenance cleaning of smooth and porous floors, e.g. Stone floors, hard and elastic coverings, tiles, laminate flooring, etc.

High wet cleaning performance while reducing the use of chemicals.

Dust-binding effect due to electrostatic charging during dry cleaning.

Best sliding properties for fatigue-free working

EVOClean Fransenmopp, nachhaltiges Produkt

Fringe mops

High-quality cotton for proper cleaning performance with very good water and dirt absorption

Cotton-polyester fringe mop with ribbon

Best gliding properties

Ideal for basic and maintenance cleaning

Squeegee, ATPA00098 0206, ATPA00099 0206, ATPA00039 0206, ATPA00040 0206


Robust-elastic plastic water slide – when pushing water, no stagnation occurs, as compared to rigidly manufactured water slides. Comfortable handling

Black and resistant moss rubber lip

Red moss rubber lip - suitable for oily liquids

Grey with red stem screwing

Paper and soap dispensers

Ideally suited for the high material requirements in toilets and washrooms.
Robust quality, hygienically perfect, shapely and stable, these are the paper and soap dispensers of AURA series.

High quality ABS plastic housing

Robust and elegant at the same time


Broom sets

High-quality wooden body and assembly material, universally matching broom thread – optimal in distance shipping.

With coconut for hard use

Dust-binding horsehair mixture for dust-free sweeping

Robust wooden body with universal thread for broomstick

Window cleaning

For easy and efficient cleaning of all glass and window surfaces

Durable and high quality products

Proven connection technology, perfectly fitting components

Ergonomic for safe, fluid work

Accessories and spare parts

Various accessories and spare parts for various cleaning trolleys

Stand Dustpan: with broom - for quick garbage pickup in between

Warning sign: made entirely of lightweight, unbreakable plastic

Plastic bucket for various cleaning trolleys

Waste bins

Ideal for kitchens, restaurants, food industry, toilets, hospitals, municipalities and the like.

with pedal or swing lid

high quality polypropylene and shockproof

HACCP suitable

Cleaning kit "Easy Wash"

The complete kit for quick and uncomplicated cleaning.

15 l bucket with pressing device (sieve)

Folding holder width 35 cm with 4-piece handle

1 microfibre mop 35 cm

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